Ordering & Art Guidelines

Ordering Standard Items:

• The order can be received by mail, fax, e-mail, SAGE, ASI Transact or Distributor Central.

Orders have to be clearly type written to assure accuracy...

• Quantity of product required.

• Stock Number and Material (when required).

• Clear, Clean Copy and/or factory-approved camera-ready Artwork.

NOTE: we hope it is understood we cannot be responsible for errors on handwritten or fax orders.

• Repeat Orders require our previous order number and date to assure an exact duplication. ALL files (paper, film, copy, dies, etc.) are eliminated every 3 years. Repeat orders after that time will be considered a new order.

• Additions to your standard order must be clearly noted (ie. Changes in Copy, Color, Special or Matched Colors, Special Shapes, Clear Coating or Lamination, Special Packaging, etc.). Most of these additions are available by contacting your FINN Line representative. Consecutive Numbering is available on nearly any FINN-Line standard product (price shown under "consectutive numbering" below).

Pricing Your Standard Order:

• Solid (spot color) Price Box is based on one spot color per the product listed. Extra spot colors can be added from the “Add each extra color” row.

Ordering Custom Items:

Pricing From Custom Price Blocks:

• Price list "extra colors" are spot colors.

• If the PRICE BOX does not apply, you will need a Kwik-Quote™ from a Personal FINN-Line Account Professional!

Measuring Custom Orders:

• Square inches are determined by measuring the furthest point of the height x width = square inches

Information Needed for Kwik-Quotes™:

• What is the advertiser trying to accomplish? Outdoor use, inside use, inside a window facing out, read both inside and outside, term of use, etc.

• Quantity involved.

• Suggested materials or special materials involved.

• Colors ... color matching, digital, process or spot?

• What artwork will be provided? Art is to be factory approved.

• Size or sizes ... be specific.

• What shape is required (dies); sketches are helpful.

• Printed one side or both sides (different copy/same copy).

• Round Corners or square cut?

• Consecutive Numbering.

• Are there changes during the run? (variable data, number sequence, color, etc.)

• Additions such as over lamination, packaging, pens, binding, adhesive tabs etc.

• Repeat Orders require our previous order number and date to ensure an exact duplication. ALL files (paper, film, copy, dies, etc.) are eliminated every 3 years. Repeat orders after that time will be considered a new order. 

• Finn-Line combines over 75 years of experience with our modern technology to provide the advertising client the most effective long term individualized promoter at the lowest possible price ... PERIOD!

Professional Extras:

• Art: FINN-Line has full pre-press and professional art facilities.

• Die Cutting: any shape (other than square or rectangle) requires a one time die charge of $140.00(g) up to 100 sq. inches, larger sizes available on Kwik-Quote™. No charge for circles every 1/2” up to 8 inches. NOTE: FINN-Line does not charge extra for running the special shapes.

• Round Corners: add a charge of $33.00(g) per 1000 pieces (minimum).

• Perforation: available on selected materials by adding extra color charge.

• Over Lamination: an ultimate imprint highlight and protection in either crystal or matte finish at an additional charge. Talk to your FINN-Line Personal Account Manager.

• Clear Coating: a liquid over coating that also provides protection.

• Special Packaging:  available on selected products  ... contact your Personal Account Manager for information and pricing.

• Additions for Boards: shipped bulk

  • Packaged in clear plastic bag (up to 99 sq. in.): $.35 (g) each.
  • Dry Erase Felt Markers: $.31 (g) each.
  • Pen Clip: $.07 (g) each.
  • Adhesive Tabs (4) : $.20 (g) each board.

• Consecutive Numbering: availableon nearly every FINN-Line material offered. The following price block is for standard consecutive numbering applications.

Priced each in lots of....

Consecutive Numbering125250500100015002500
Any size numbering (limited fonts) $0.48 $0.27 $0.19 $0.17 $0.14 $0.10
Note: Prices above do not guarantee no skips or misses (guaranteed number sequence available on quotation). Changes in color and/or copy require an added number sequence charge of $32.50(g).

FINN-Line can also consecutively number in silk-screen inks for long term outdoor applications. Contact your Personal Account Manager for details.

Designated Adhesives:

 Permanent Adhesive: For long term permanent applications ... also used on Security type Destructible Non-Transferable decals which will shred or in some cases leaving the word “VOID”.

• Removable Adhesive: Allows secure application with easy clean removal. Used on Bumper Stickers and Window Decals.

• Ultra-Removable Adhesive: Allows the end user to reposition or remove cleanly and re-apply. Used on Counter Mats, Wall, Table  or Floor Graphics, etc.

FINN-Line Printing Capabilities:

• Silk-screen: Lays a heavy coating of ink for more vivid color to stand up against UV exposure. Ideal for larger SIGNS and  DECALS of various sizes. Recommended for most materials (Vinyls, Polyesters, Reflectives, Paper Boards and corrugated boards.

• Digital Printing: Provides FINN-Line with the means to give superb full color production in a short time at a minimal cost, while also providing the opportunity for personalization. Recommended for most materials.

• Offset (Lithography):  Provides FINN-Line promoters with fine line, detailed reproduction for inside window and indoor applications. Ideal for multi-color process on a wide selection of materials. Consult with your FINNOVATION  professional, a free phone call away.

• Letterpress: The support for consecutive numbering and die cutting (shaping).

• Thermal Printing: Bar Coding and Numbering

Basic Requirements When Submitting Electronic Art:

Standard Color and PMS Color:

Output Requirements:

  • Vector artwork with fonts converted to lines/outlines/paths.

  • Raster Image color space must be bitmap or greyscale (B&W) and a minimum resolution of 600 x 600 ppi to size. Text or copy is not suitable as raster data.

  • Spot Colors defined in art files.

File Formats:

  • Save formats (in order of preference)....pdf, .eps (vector), .ai.

Note: This color bar is an approximation of our standard SPOT colors (a standard color card is available on request). Colors not in the color grid are considered "matched" or "special" colors and requires mixing ... a charge of $35.00 (g) per color will be made.

FULL Color (4 Color Process):

Output Requirements:

  • Four color printing must be 300 dpi at actual size and include all needed bleeds (.125”)

File Programs and Formats:

  • Illustrator (Adobe Creative Cloud or earlier) .ai

  • InDesign (Adobe Creative Cloud or earlier) .pdf

  • Photoshop (Adobe Creative Cloud or earlier) .eps, .pdf

  • Full color art should be supplied in a non-compressed format, CMKY (no jpeg or gif files).

FINN-Line is an expert at four color process reproduction on special substrates like textures vinyls, polyesters, rigid plastics, and other difficult surfaces. This is a delicate process recreating tones and hues (photos, paintings, etc) ... It takes a professional ... FINN-Line.

Submitting Artwork:

  • E-mail: 7mb file size limit, use .zip or .sit compression on attachments.

  • FTP via your server ...e-mail location, user name and password.

  • CD, DVD or flash drive.

Tips for trouble free art:

  • Convert fonts to lines/outlines/paths.

  • Indicate die/cut line.

  • Include bleed when needed.

  • Identify spot colors.

  • Include a .jpg or color print out for reference.

  • Submit a copy for verification.

Flood, Halo or Masking White for Clear Materials:

White is recommended for Clear materials to provide better color enhancement and opacity...


 First time black and white fax, full color e-mail or paper proofs, no charge (8” x 10” maximum size).

 For proof changes (involved or large) contact your Personal Account Manager.

• Alterations to proofs done correctly per specifications provided to us will require art charges for subsequent proofs. Contact  your Personal Account Manager.

Ordering & Billing:

  • FINN-Line minimum billing on any invoice is $50.00 (x).

  • We do not acknowledge orders unless requested.

  • Phone Orders are not accepted. FINN-Line requires written confirmation by fax, e-mail or mail.

  • For Proof Samples all appropriate art & production charges will be billed. Set up charges will NOT be billed if an order is received without changes within 10 working days of when the proof was sent.

  • FINN-Line makes every attempt to ship exact quantities, however printing is subject to over or under-runs up to 5% and in these rare cases we will bill exact amounts.

Production Time:

  • Non-imprinted items, 48 hours after receipt of order.

  • Standard imprinted items, 5 to 12 working days after receipt of order or proof approval.

  • Calendars require a special shipping schedule, see Calendar section (page 4 thru 13).

  • Custom Products requiring added quantities, colors, die cut, special art, etc. can extend normal production times.

  • Rush Shipments will be accommodated at no charge when schedules allow. If schedules are over booked, accommodations can be made through charged overtime.

Shipping Policies:

  • Unless otherwise specified we will ship by the best method. UPS is our standard shipping method within the continental U.S.

  • No Extra Charge to ship on your UPS or FedEX ship number.

  • Overnight or air shipments are done with authorization only.

  • Split shipments (two or more destinations on the same day and same P.O.) add $7.00 (x) handling for each destination. For items over 23” x 32” add $12.00(x) for each destination.

  • With delayed shipments (when an order is to be divided into shipments on different dates) total quantity will be invoiced on first shipment. You will be invoiced $20.00 (x) handling plus shipping cost for each following shipment.

  • Address designation by shipper may effect shipping cost.

  • All delayed shipments must be cleared within six months of production.

Cancellations, Returns & Adjustments:

  • Orders cancelled for reasons beyond our control will be billed for all work completed, including cost of order entry.

  • Orders may not be returned without permission from the factory. An adjustment request will be reviewed with the return of a sample (not the whole order).

  • An order judged incorrect will be replaced at no charge or credit will be issued against the original order... in either case, the defective order must be returned to earn credit.

  • Flags, Numbers and Letters returned undamaged will be billed a 20% restocking charge.

  • Negatives, Films & Dies: proprietary items furnished by FINN-Line remain the property of FINN-Line.


Our terms for regular accounts are net 30 days. New accounts are required to complete a Distributor Application for review with the first order. Those accounts, confirmed through our Credit & Market Report, will be assigned a credit limit. Other accounts will be required to prepay their first order with a check or credit card.

Now accepting:


NOTICE- 2% Service Fee will be added for Credit Card Charges Beginning 10-1-15.